God is my ray of light

[ Testimony Sharing ]

[Anna Lain]


Good evening everyone.  My name is Anna Lain.


In 2010, I joined a local company that deals with advertising materials as an Account Executive.  I have been in the accounting line for almost 20 years and enjoyed my work therefore tiredness never set in.  I did not complete my ACCA degree therefore unable to be a licensed Accountant.  However, deep down within me I was never satisfied because the Word of God in Matthew 5:16 reminded me to excel in the Marketplace, to be the salt and light in this world.  I would always pray to God for breakthrough in my work.


In 2013, my existing Company was bought over by a West Malaysian boss.  3 staffs including me stayed back in the company.  Several managers were hired to manage the Company but all left after 2 months working with the Company.  I was finally offered a position as Branch Manager by my boss.  This opportunity looks good yet I was struggling due to lack of experience in the area of sales.  Moreover I did not understand the nature of the company products.  I was unfamiliar with the pricing and was afraid to get in touch with customers.  I have much undue worries.


I then sought advice from my eldest sister and church friends.  They encouraged and supported me to take up the job.  I accepted the challenge.  This truly was a great breakthrough in my life.  At this time, I needed to recover a couple hundred thousands of old debts for my Company besides having to manage old stocks in the warehouse as well as dealing with misbehaved workers.  As this was my first time doing Sales and also did not understand how to promote my products, definitely the Sales went downhill till it hit rock bottom.  It was an intense pressure on me.  Every night I would think of my work of how to increase sales in my Company.


In March 2014, I participated in my Church’s Marketplace Prayer Meeting.  It was here that I heard from the leaders’ sharing on receiving visions, experiencing grace, to rise up with influence to shine for Jesus.  When one of the leaders laid hand and prayed for me, I broke down in tears.  I then committed all my burdens to the Lord.  A year after, 70% of the old debts were collected and sales doubled.  Workers became well-behaved and my boss was satisfied with me.


If you are involved in business, we all understand the difficulties of the recent implementation of GST.  There is much to learn and to do.  Malaysian Ringgit devalued and economy greatly affected.  Sales in our Company was also directly affected.  I prayed and committed the Company to God as well as did my best.  I thank God for allowing me to experience His grace.  Sales of the Company not only did not drop but increases each day, only 10% outstanding debts yet to be collected.


Even though I encountered many challenges in these 2 years but God is good.  In every difficulty, I would always remember these 3 points from the Word God in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 that has enabled me to turn my obstacles to be my strength.

1) Rejoice always – no matter what, let the joy of the Lord be our strength.

2) Pray unceasingly – believe in God and not easily give up.

3) In everything give thanks – we may often experience difficulties, just believe God has a wonderful plan for our lives.


Thanks be to God and because of Him my life is never the same.  Even though I may face challenges and obstacles as if overcome by darkness yet, God will open a new path like a ray of light for me to continue my life journey.


Thank you and all glory to God!