Christian Should Strive to Live Transformed Life

KOTA KINABALU: Christians should strive to live the transformed life empowered by the Spirit to give meaning to the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. “Live a true Christian life instead living just in Christian name,” Dr William Vun, senior pastor of the Glory Christian Centre (GCC) here, told his congregation during Easter Sunday service.


He told the 1,500-member gathering to reflect on the significance of Easter and align their lives’ purpose to that of God. “Be renewed like those believers on whom Jesus poured down his Spirit after he ascended to heaven,” he said in a stirring message in conjunction with Easter celebrated by Christians worldwide. “With a transformed mind through biblical principles, we will understand and see things differently and have a new beginning in our lives.” During the week, more than 50 new friends made that decision to have a new beginning.


In conjunction with Easter, GCC’s Children’s Church held a fun-filled Easter egg hunt for about 400 children. The celebration was theme “Risen Saviour” to highlight the resurrection of Jesus, which the central theology of Chrisitianity. The church’s Community Care ministry also distributed used dictionaries and too-good-to-resist goodies to several institutions here and is planning a visit to a charitable home in Kudat in early May.