The Jesus my daughter believes in deeply attracted me

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]

[Chung Nyuk Fah]


Good morning everyone!  My name is Chung Nyuk Fah from the Senior Citizen Ministry.


When I was working in Tenom in year 1963, a friend brought me to church where I accepted Christ.  I was baptized half a year later.  Two years later, I came to KK for work, got married and thereafter have 6 children.  Because of the need to make money to support my family, I stop going to church.  Apart from workinghard for money, I would drink and play mah-jong with friends whenever I have the free time.  These help me released stress and I went into the habit of smoking too.


More than 10 years later, I came to know some friends from the Basel Church.  Their persistent visitation caused me to come back to church.  In 1995, my eldest son passed away in a car accident.  I was devastated.  I asked God why He did not protect my son.  From then on I stopped going to church and used work to numb myself.


My eldest daughter, Leonie who was very much against Christianity accepted Jesus. I saw the transformation in her to the extent she was willing to let go her teaching career to serve in the full-time ministry.  I was extremely surprised.


After accepting Christ, my daughter often invites me to church.  Because of the pain in my heart and not able to let go, I turned her down with excuses that I have work.  In year 2012, a Senior Citizen Ministry helper invited me to attend their New Year gathering.  I agree to attend, simply to entertain him.  Not only the helper cared and visited me very often but I also saw the passion in my daughter.  She is very blessed by God and she is one that I worry the least among all my children.  The Jesus she believes in deeply attracted me to come back to Jesus.  From then on, I decided to attend every Saturday Senior Citizen gathering.  I was also re-baptized in 2013, committing myself afresh to Jesus.  After coming back to church, I became very happy and I make a lot of new friends.


I had in many occasions during my younger days tried to quit my smoking but would fail.  My daughter advised me again and again to quit smoking.  I am old and fearful that I might fall sick since I have been smoking for a long time, for over many decades.  With that I gave up the idea of quitting smoking.  One day, I was pondering to myself.  I attend church every week but I have bad habit of smoking.  This is not a good example.  I then prayed and asked Jesus to give me strength to overcome my bad habit.  Thanks be to God, with His strength, I overcame my smoking habit!


All glory to God!