Our sons started to pray, read Bible stories, more open to people and began to have more friends

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]

[Feroz & Iris]



Good Morning Church.  My name is Feroz Daniel Debully and this is my wife Iris.  We are both from Cell Group EF1.


I, my wife and two of our boys have been with this Church since 2010.  I have been working offshore for the past 20 years.  My work requires me to be away from my family for two weeks every month.
Therefore my wife is left alone to take care of our 2 boys.  Before we joined GCC, we had difficulty to get our boys to join any Sunday Schools.  They would prefer to sit with us in the church.  Compared with their school mates, they do not have much social interaction.  However, it was different on their first day in Glory Kids.


They were warmly welcome by the staffs and no resistance when asked to be on their own without their mother around.  Since joining the Glory Kids, my sons have improved tremendously in their spiritual life.  They had started to pray, read Bible stories, more open to people and began to have more friends.  They would remind us of their activities in GK so that they can be early or to get our permission to join the activities.  Our sons’ transformation encouraged and motivated us to keep up, upgrade ourselves in the things of God and to draw nearer to God.  When we were sick, we would ask them to pray over us and God has always been there to listen to their prayers.



2 years ago, I took a big step to resign from my job to become a full-time mother to my 2 boys.  This was because I see the need to and because my husband needs to be away for work for two weeks every month.  After a year attending the Church, my children joined the Super J.  They like music and love to sing so Super J become a big interest to them.


Super J is not only a place for them to sing and perform but during the year they have camping and overnight activities as well.  They are taught how to pray, read and understand the Word of God and also receive discipline.  I could see growth in my children spiritually.  God became their biggest shield of protection at all times.  I could see their constant dependence in God.


They believe in God for miracles.  When their classmates are absent from school or fall sick for days, they would always request mommy and daddy to include their friends in prayer before bed.  On one Sunday morning around 7am, we were about to leave the house for church, my youngest son Farel, asked me to pick up his new friend to church.  His friend was staying at an apartment across the road.  I was shocked because he did the arrangement without my knowledge.  So I drove to the Taman which have 7 blocks.  All that my son has was a written address “Taman Angkasa Block B”, no phone numbers.  I had no clue where to find the friend.  Farel was very upset and he said “I told Jonathan to wait in front of the entrance at 6am”.  Though it was funny but my heart was touched because he has a heart to bring a friend to know God.


I do not have much patience towards children.  Early this year, the boys asked me “Mommy, why don’t you become a GK Staff?  It’s very fun one”.  It took me few months to think and pray about this and in June I decided to join the Children Ministry.  In this couple of months, I see the passion of the staffs toward children.  It was at this time my impatience turn to joy toward children.  Even though we have two mischievous and difficult sons yet we are thankful because they are God’s gift to us.


As their parents, our biggest concern is the future of our 2 boys.  We would pray constantly that they will be God-fearing not only for now but till they grow old.  We want to thank Aunty Margaret and her team for their hard and heart work toward all the children.  I am thankful my 2 boys are given the opportunity to be part of the Glory Kids, preparing and giving them the avenue to serve God.


All Glory to God!