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It all began in a quiet corner of town on the third floor of a rented shop space. The date was January 4th of 1994. Under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, a handful of families made the decision to be committed to the mandate God has given to Dr William and Lorna Vun. Thus Glory Christian Centre was born. Read more


Growing up in church

[ Testimony Sharing ] Sharon Barry Good Morning Church.  I am Sharon Barry from Cell Group EK1 and also actively […]

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Here is like home

[ Testimony Sharing ] Johnson Good Morning everyone.  I am Johnson Wong from 412 Powered Youth.  I grew up in […]

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“I don’t see anything wrong with you. Your lungs are perfectly normal!”

[ Testimony Sharing ] CK Yong Good Morning Church.  My name is Yong Chong Kim and this is my wife, […]

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God knows our need

[ Testimony Sharing ] Patsy As from 2015 till early 2016, my husband and I were facing many challenges.  It […]

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