God answered my prayer

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]



Pastors, brothers and sisters in Christ, joy and peace be with you.  I am Regina from Cell CC1.  This morning, I would like to share a testimony regarding an answered prayer.


My mother Madam Chin Kim Lan attends the Senior Citizen meetings regularly.  Sometime March this year, she fainted in the bathroom due to her weak condition.  We brought her to the hospital and the doctor told us that she had a heart attack.  Her blood pressure and heart beat kept on dropping.  Because it was an emergency and in order to sustain my mum’s heart, the doctor gave her an injection.


We were informed by the doctor that if the injection does not work within an hour, her life would be at stake and the bleeding would persist.  I was given 5 minutes to see my mum and I was extremely afraid.  After 5 minutes, I was asked to sit and wait outside for an hour.


I began to pray and sought the Lord.  I also informed my brothers and sisters in my cell group to pray for my mum.  Praise the Lord!  My mum responded well to the injection within an hour.  Arrangements were made for her to be admitted into the Cardiology Department in Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.  We were told by the doctor within the next 2 days that our family would need to decide whether we would allow my mum to go through the Angiogram procedure and have a sten placed inside to release her blocked arteries.


We were also told by the doctor that my mum, being diabetic, a hypertension patient, having high cholesterol, and with a dysfunctional kidney,risk would be very high.  Firstly, her only functional kidney may fail and she may need dialysis for life.  Secondly, it would be life-threatening should she encounter another heart attack during the surgery.  Our family members were extremely stressed at this time, not knowing what to do and unable to make any decision.


Ps. Siew How came to visit my mum the next day.She prayed for my mum and gave us much encouragement.  We felt the peace in us after the prayer, knowing that God is our only Hope and Support.  With the grace of God, we decided that mum should go ahead with her heart surgery.  We were informed by the hospital that the only Cardiologist in Sabah, Dr.Liew will be performing the surgery.


I truly believe “the end of man is the beginning for God.”  I committed my mum’s surgery totally into the hands of God.  Prayer is power.  Prayer moves the hands of God.  I also requested the Senior Citizen Ministry and Cell CC1 members to pray and intercede for my mum before her surgery.


On the day of the surgery, we accompanied my mum to the Operating Theatre and we asked the Doctor how long would it take?  “It’s case to case basis” replied the doctor.  Within half an hour, a nurse brought my mum out from the Operating Theatre.  The doctor happily told us that, strangely my mum’s heart was only 20% to 30% blocked just like a normal person and she does not need any heart surgery.  Physically my mum is doing very well.  Hallelujah!  This miracle came about because of the prayers of brothers and sisters.


Prayer invades the impossible; Making the impossible possible!  Brothers and sisters, in this month of Prayer and Fasting, let us continue to be strong, allowing more miracles to manifest among us.


All glory to God!