God Transform My Life

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]


Good morning Church.  I am Rosemir Felicilda Agan, a Filipina from the Sunday Fellowship Group which is held on Sunday after Church Service.


I come from a Christian family but do not know what it means to be a Christian.  I was a stubborn teenager who did not listen to her parent.  I suffered much because of this.


In 1993, I decided to come to Malaysia.  It was not easy to stay in a country that is not yours.  I face much difficulty during this time because I did not have proper document.  I had to stay because I need to support my family financially.  I am glad that I did not lose hope.  In 2007, a best friend of mine in this church recommended my husband to work here as a gardener.


After some time, some of the members invited me to attend Sunday Service but I would always find a reason not to attend.  I would give reason that I am a Filipina, I am poor, I am a gardener’s wife and I don’t know how to use the Bible.  I would always look down at myself.


It was the trials that I went through that cause me to decide to attend every Sunday Service.  In 2009 my daughter Queenie accidently stuck a small ball into her nostril.  I took her to several clinics but all the doctors were not able to help her.  I took her home and I was tired so we sat in front of GK Hall.  I asked God for a miracle.  I prayed “Bless my daughter, only you can help her”.  The small ball fell out by itself there and then.  I truly believe that He is a God of miracle.


After this incident, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour.  One of our Pastors helped me to go through lessons on “Beginning my new life in Christ”.  I also started to join fellowship Group.


I was baptized in October 2009.  As a born-again, I would continue to pray and ask God for a miracle for my daughter, that He would help her, especially in her studies.  I learn to trust God for everything.


I now understand that I have a meaningful life.  I want to thank God for my transformation.  It was His word and love that make me grow and transform.  I am not ashamed of being a Filipina or a gardener’s wife.  We are all a family in God.


Thank you!