Glory Christian Centre

Our Mission, Destiny and Legacy

We are committed to build a Church of love, faith, and purity.  We will fulfill the Great Commission by discipling every member a minister of God.

A Humble Beginning

It all began in a quiet corner of town on the third floor of a rented shop space. The date was January 4th of 1994. Under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, a handful of families made the decision to be committed to the mandate God has given to Dr William and Lorna Vun. Thus Glory Christian Centre was born.


The pioneering stage was challenging. Funds and resources were low but our faith in God and His Word was high. We strived to be accurate in the vision and mandate that God had given to us. The church took root and began to grow and multiply. A month later, another floor was rented in order to contain the growing congregation. Soon the desire to find a larger premise became a necessity.


A Land Revealed

In the same year, God revealed to us through a vision the description of the land that He had prepared for us. When we finally located the land – costing half a million US dollars – we realised that our faith was put to the test one more time.


In obedience and by the grace of God, the down payment was raised and we bought the land. For a small church, it was nothing short of a miracle!


Soon plans were made to have the first church building built. Consultants were gathered and plans were drawn. Excitement grew with each passing day. The congregation went into fasting and praying. Eventually, the foundation was laid on June 28, 1996. Members and friends stepped forward to contribute their time, expertise, labour, materials, machinery and finances. October 20, 1997 was a red letter day for Glory Christian Centre. It was the day when our church building was dedicated to God. The rest was history. Or so we thought…


A Greater Plan

God’s renewed call for us to arise and build came in April 2006. This time round, it is for the Next Generation which He is preparing for our City. This will be the generation that will take His church to another level. Once again the sons of the House took up the challenge. The congregation gave ever so sacrificially. Friends of the church also contributed with unprecedented generosity. Despite global financial meltdown in 2008, God’s provision continued to sustain the project until its completion.


June 5, 2010 marks the day we celebrated the Dedication of the new GCC auditorium. It was a day when we were reminded of how we can obey God in preparing for the next generation that He is raising up. A generation that would one day hear the story of a little church that started in a quiet corner of town. A little church that was willing to be obedient and accurate for God. A church built on a miracle!


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