God knows our need

[ Testimony Sharing ]


As from 2015 till early 2016, my husband and I were facing many challenges.  It was at this time my insurance business was going downhill and my maid was taking off for half a year. 


I prayed to God and ask for open door but God kept silent.  I was very worried, stressed and pressured.  I couldn’t even sleep but to keep on praying to God.  During one Sunday Service, Ps. Fui Yun shared concerning the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.  She mentioned how we can bear the fruit of patience through trials.  Hebrew 10:36,  “You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised”  


I knew God wanted me to learn how to be patient in Him.  I obeyed and continued to pray but waiting is never easy.  During one of my usual outstation trip to Lawas as I was on my way to my customer’s shop, I passed by a new shop and saw a lady inside the shop.  I went in and introduced myself and proposed a protection plan to her.  After much explanation, she decided to accept the plan.  I was extremely happy there and then I gave thanks to God.  When I left the shop and I saw the name of the shop.  The shop name is “Hosanna”. Immediately I knew God has answered my prayer.  God is good and He has never forsaken me.


All glory to Him!