“I don’t see anything wrong with you. Your lungs are perfectly normal!”

[ Testimony Sharing ]

CK Yong

Good Morning Church.  My name is Yong Chong Kim and this is my wife, Thio IeTjing.  We are from Cell Group EA3.  I was a Buddhist because I believed a Buddhist would have reincarnation after death, a form of continuation of life.  All these changed when I encountered the grace of God.


On one fine Sunday Morning in August 2001, while lying on my bed reading books, I suddenly had an unstoppable cough in which I emitted large amount of blood.  With the help of a friend I was admitted to Tawau General Hospital and all kind of tests were done on me for 3 days.  The cough and gushing out of fresh blood did not stop for these 3 days.  On the 4thday, my internal organs were examined.


A bronchoscope was inserted through my nose to inspect my lungs.  I was conscious and could hear conversations among the doctors but I kept my eyes closed because of fear.  When the senior specialist and doctors gathered at the monitor to view the image of my lungs, the senior specialist explained that both my lungs had many holes and blood was coming out from these holes.  On hearing that was as if a death sentence was pronounced on me.


I was wheeled back to the ward and not long after my Christian friend and his wife came to visit me.  The senior specialist explained my condition in front of my friends and I was advised to fly to KK for a CT Scan.  My friends immediately offered to pray for me knowing well that I was a Buddhist.  Without other alternatives and like a drowning man trying to get hold of a trunk of wood, I accepted the offer.  Shortly after my friends have left, my wife and I fell into deep, sweet and heavenly peaceful sleep without interruptions until the next morning.  We had not been sleeping all these while.


In KK, after my CT Scan, I was seated on a bench outside the doctor’s office while he studied the scan film.  The doctor then turned and looked at me with an absurd expression.  I felt my heard sank there and then because I read his expression to be a bad sign.  He then turned to study the scan film again and then turned to look at me again with the same expression.   He then waved at me to come into his office.  He asked how I felt but I just shrugged my shoulder because I was too fearful to speak.  He looked straight into my eyes and said “I don’t see anything wrong with you.  Your lungs are perfectly normal.” These were the most beautiful words I had ever heard in my life!


Nevertheless, I was admitted for observation.  I did not cough anymore and the flow of blood stopped as well.  I felt normal except experiencing extreme chills over my body for 2 nights.  Upon my discharge and while in the hotel I telephoned my friends about the good news.  They burst into great joy saying that it was God’s divine intervention and healing.


Being a man of logical reasoning, I agreed I was healed by some kind of supernatural power based on two unnatural signs:

  1. My wife and I fell into deep sleep after the prayer even when I was under the most shocking fear of my life.  Nobody could fall asleep under such tremendous anxiety and fear.
  2. Right after the prayer, not even a drop of blood was coughed out from my throat.


Since then, I began to go to church and joined cell group and truly believed that God is my healer.  Not long after, my family and I were water baptized.


Compared to Buddhism’s reincarnation, I rather have eternal life in God’s kingdom.  My friend and wife who prayed for me were inspired by my miraculous healing and went on to take up theological studies.  Both of them are now Doctors in Theology and serving the Lord.


We moved to KK in October 2015.  After settling down, we were looking for an Anglican Church to continue worshiping God.  By God’s divine intervention, we were recommended to come to GCC.  We immediately fell in love with this church.  We enjoy so much of Senior Pastor William and Pastor Fui Yun’s preaching and teaching of God’s word.  We enjoy the friendliness of the people here.  We learn a lot from the Equipping Stations, we enjoy the fellowship of the cell members.  All in all, we feel we have found a home in GCC.