Here is like home

[ Testimony Sharing ]


Good Morning everyone.  I am Johnson Wong from 412 Powered Youth.  I grew up in a Christian family but dislike to attend any gathering.  My parents would bring me along for gatherings but often I would feel unhappy being there.


In 2013, my family moved to KK from Lahad Datu and I continue my Form 2 education in Shan Tao High School.  Initially I did not adapt well to the environment in KK because there were so much I need to start again.  I was not excellent in my studies and relationship with my parents was not good as well.  Therefore, moving to KK was a sad thing to me and I did not go to any church during this time.


It was through the invitation of my relative that I started joining GCC, 412 Powered Youth and also Sunday Services.  Initially, I have no desire to join the 412 youth meeting and was resistant toward Sunday Service as well.  Each time when the leaders invited or texted messages to me, I will ignore it and would do anything to turn them down. This was because I felt that the church was forcing me to do things that were against my will and it caused burden and frustration to me.


Yet the leaders in 412 Powered Youth did not give up on me.  They would often encourage and invite me to join the meeting and together with the encouragement of my parents and relatives, I decided to join.


I attended the meeting with an attitude of being forced to come.  Amazingly after attending the meeting, the feeling of being forced no longer exists.  Since then, I enjoy attending 412 because it gives me a sense of belonging like a home.  Here, I found encouragement and assurance.


Through the sharing by pastors and leaders of 412 Powered Youth, I come to understand more about the will and the Word of God.  These sharings enable breakthrough in my studies and in my relationship with my parents.  In my studies, I learned to allocate time for study and leisure time.  The leaders would often remind me, as a student, my responsibility is to prioritize my studies.


I used to have problem in communicating with my parents regarding problems that I encounter.  I would argue, threw temper and disregard them.   I began to show respect to my parents as taught by my leaders.  With that, my communication and relationship with them gets better each day.  Even though I am a grown up young man now, yet I can have heart-to-heart talk with them.


This year, I am challenged by my leader to enter into Discipleship Training so I can be equipped to be leader in 412 Powered Youth.  Without any hesitation, I agreed to be trained and equipped.  I pray through my life many young people will be blessed and I can help those who have the same needs like me.


Praise God that I can be in such a wonderful Church as GCC and being part of 412 Powered Youth.  I am able to stand here and share my testimony and have a more quality and meaningful life because of their teaching, love, encouragements and prayers.  All glory to God!  Thank you.