A brother from the church called me and asked “Are you busy lately?”

[ Testimony Sharing 见证分享 ]

James Chin

I am James from Cell Group ED3.  I was facing financial difficulties since 2014 to 2015 due to my company inability to secure any big projects.  We have fixed monthly expenses but no income at all.  Being the owner of the Company, I do not receive any salary and at the same time my family expenses were rather high.  I felt helpless then.

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God is my ray of light

[ Testimony Sharing ]

[Anna Lain]


Good evening everyone.  My name is Anna Lain.


In 2010, I joined a local company that deals with advertising materials as an Account Executive.  I have been in the accounting line for almost 20 years and enjoyed my work therefore tiredness never set in.  I did not complete my ACCA degree therefore unable to be a licensed Accountant.  However, deep down within me I was never satisfied because the Word of God in Matthew 5:16 reminded me to excel in the Marketplace, to be the salt and light in this world.  I would always pray to God for breakthrough in my work.

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