A brother from the church called me and asked “Are you busy lately?”

[ Testimony Sharing 见证分享 ]

James Chin

I am James from Cell Group ED3.  I was facing financial difficulties since 2014 to 2015 due to my company inability to secure any big projects.  We have fixed monthly expenses but no income at all.  Being the owner of the Company, I do not receive any salary and at the same time my family expenses were rather high.  I felt helpless then.


In early 2015, I started to pray unceasingly to God but without any response from Him.  Each day became more burdensome.  In spite of not receiving my monthly salary, I insist on giving my tithe regularly.  I truly believe that God will one day open the door for me.  The Bible says that we are His children and He is our Provider.


It was in March this year, our Cell Group decided to set apart the first Saturday of every month as our Cell Group Prayer Meeting.  The purpose is to pray for our country, churches, cell groups and the salvation of new friends.  We would break into twos to pray.  During one of the meetings, I shared with my prayer partner my difficulty and he prayed for me.  I felt peace and joy after the prayer.


Three days later on a Tuesday night around 8pm which normally around this time I would switched off my hand-phone but I forgot about it, a brother from the church called me and asked “Are you busy lately?”  I shared with him my difficulties and he said that I must have been constantly praying to God.  He told me he met up with one of his clients and this client needed someone for electrical works and he recommended me.


Right there and then I felt excited beyond words.  It was because of what the brother said “constantly praying before God”.  I believe God heard my prayers and He has opened doors for me.


Since then, weekly I would receive 1 to 2 big and small projects.  I also secured the project recommended by the brother.  There were also unknown customers calling me up.  Even a number of companies from KL whom I do not know, who are opening new branches here are willing to allow me to handle the necessary things for them.  There was many others which I could not share all at once here.


I would like to encourage all, no matter what you pray to God for, whether it is for your family, loved ones, health, financial difficulty or others, just believe, persevere and be patient.  For God is faithful and He hears our prayers.  All that we receive is by His grace through faith.  Amen!


All glory to God!