God healed my back pain

[ Testimony Sharing ]

[Hui Yi]

Good morning Church.  My name is Hui Yi of Cell Group CY5 and I serve in the Tech Team as a Videographer.  Due to constant holding of the camera, my back was affected and it brought much discomfort to me.

During one Sunday Service, pastor called those with backaches to come forward to be prayed for.  I did not come forward because I was serving.  I placed my hand on my back when pastor prayed while at the same time holding the camera.  I believe through faith my back will be completely healed and I want to continue to serve in the Tech Team.

After the prayer, I realised the pain was no longer there even when I was holding the camera.  After a few weeks of serving, the pain was no more there too.

Thanks be to God!  He is faithful.  As long as we believe in Him, He will take care of our needs.  All glory to God.