“He is real. He is my Peace”

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]

[Lena Chew]


Good morning Church.  I am Lena Chew of Cell Group EC3.


Several months ago, I went for health scan at a Diagnosis Centre in Kuala Lumpur. The High Definition CT Scanner showed 3 of my main arteries and 1 small one on the right were blocked. In fact, there were 90% blockage on each one yet I did not at any time experience chest pain, tightness or breathlessness.


A by-pass surgery was recommended. The next day, a second opinion was arranged at IJN (Institut Jantung Negara). The Doctor recommended an Angiogram to be done first to ascertain the blockage and whether there is a possibility to do Plasty Stent on the spot. We confirmed to do the Angiogram. After the proceedings of the procedure of 20 minutes, it has to be discontinued as the blockages were confirmed 90% on each of the four arteries and is considered not advisable to do Plasty Stent.


On 1st November 2014, a by-pass surgery was fixed but I was admitted a day earlier for briefing. This briefing is to prepare patient on what to do before and after the surgery. The duration of the surgery will take 6 hours. During the surgery, the function of the heart and lung will be administered by machine. After operation, patient will be warded in ICU for 1-3 days. A follow up physiotherapy is compulsory.


My surgery was scheduled in the morning at 10 am and it ended 4 pm. I spent a night at ICU. Next morning, I was transferred to an open ward. On my third day, the hospital follow-up physiotherapy programme started.  I had to move with the aid of wheel chair. After 10 days, I was discharged. I continued my stay in KL recuperating for a period of time continuing with home physiotherapy. From the days in hospital till discharged home, I experienced complete peace and rest. I was able to sleep well and my appetite was getting better and better each day. Hard work pays I believe! I was working very hard on the therapy. A tool was used to improve my heart and lung function. The effort of walking strengthens and improves daily and speedily. Now I am here sharing with you all!


Through all these I encountered a personal experience with our Lord Jesus Christ, that He is real. He is my Peace. He is gracious and merciful through His divine intervention upon me.


My family and I are very thankful to God for the support of friends and relatives in KL and in KK. Not forgetting my cell group supervisor, leader and members for organizing prayer time among them. It is truly a great team spirit that they carry!  In the cell group, we fellowship, share, love and care for one another. Most importantly, when we join hearts to pray, it moves the hands of God! Once again, thank you EC3 for your great support as a team and partnership in prayer, love and care.


All glory to God!