Growing in God

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]

[Chew Wooi Ling]


Good morning brothers and sisters, my name is Chew Wooi Ling, from Cell EE5. I came to know God and accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and Lord 9 years ago in GCC. I did not attend Equipping Stations even though I have become a Christian. I thought it was not important and furthermore, my Sunday lunch time will be affected by it. However, my cell leader persistently encouraged me and would even accompany me to the class.  Thank God for a godly leader.


Being there, I get to hear many wonderful testimonies that had help me in building my faith in God. On top of that I also find myself having a deeper understanding of the things of God. I was also given the opportunity to practice what I have learnt. For example, in leading worship and discussion group and the teacher will evaluate us. This is very helpful because I know where and how to improve myself.


It was through the various topics taught in the Equipping Stations that has enabled me to answer some complicated questions that people asked. With the help from God, I was able to help them and gave them satisfying answers. This was possible because of my commitment in attending Equipping Stations.


I thought I knew a lot about the Word of God. I pursue further and signed up as a student in GCC Bible School. Here I understood that there is still so much to learn.  As I commit myself, God open my eyes to know Him deeper and I realize how marvelous God is and how interesting His Word is to me.


I want to take this opportunity to thank GCC, and the father of the house, Ps. William, for preparing so many things to help us and equip us to be strong and deep Christians.


Brothers and sisters, this house is truly a very special place for all of us to grow.  It only takes a willingness of heart.  If you have never attended any Equipping Station or have not attended any for many years, don’t wait any longer.  It is time to be equipped and be ready for the things of God. Let us grow together and fulfill the purpose of God in our lives.