God-My Healer

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]

[Yam Lai Meng]


Good morning church.  I am Yam Lai Meng from Cell ED1. This morning I stand here to testify of God’s goodness and healing upon my life.


I was diagnosed with benign brain tumor in March 2006. God used my sister to ask me to go for a medical check-up on my brain when I was having headache during CNY in 2005. At first, I ignored her advice as I do not have headache often. The following CNY when she asked me again, I decided to go to QE Hospital for a check-up to stop her from nagging. The brain surgeon sent me for a CT scan.


While waiting to see the doctor with the result, a good friend of mine called me. When I told her that I was in the Hospital for a check up on my brain, she advised me to go to SMC for a MRI scan. According to her, it is more accurate and she offered to help me to make an appointment. After the call, I went in to see the doctor with the result. The CT scan did not pick up anything. The doctor told me not to worry, as there is nothing wrong with my brain, it was just a normal headache. I left the room feeling relieved.


At that time my friend returned my call and told me that she has made an appointment for me to have my MRI scan at 9.00am the next morning. For a normal person, when the doctor has just confirmed there is nothing wrong with your brain, you will not waste another RM900 to have another scan but that day I agreed to it. The next day I went for the MRI scan. The scan picked up a 1.5cm tumor in my brain. I was operated in November 2006.


At first, I asked God ‘Why me’. But when He allowed me to see His goodness, mercy and incredible love upon my life, I am so thankful. Truly He has sent an angel to save me. If I did not go for the MRI scan, I don’t think I can be here today, standing here to give my testimony. After the surgery, I lost my right ear hearing and my right side facial nerve was weakened. My appearance after the surgery looked terrible but yet I was very grateful and thankful to Him for saving my life.


I felt so loved by God. I continue to trust Him and surrender my life to Him. After resting for one month, I decided to live a life that is pleasing to Him. I did not let my sickness, my look or deafness to stop me from serving God. I continued to lead the Cell Group, attended every Sunday Service, Prayer Meetings, Equipping Stations and even attended Bible school. By the grace of God, I graduated from ABS in 2011.


Every year I need to go back for review. In 2012, the MRI scan picked up another growth in my brain. As the tumor was still small, the doctor did not advise me to operate on it because of the risk involved. Again, this did not stop me from serving and loving God. In fact, it has drawn me closer to Him.


Life was not easy though. I have been struggling with what people said to me about placing my priority right between my works, health and serving God. God is good; He has prepared me for this. He often uses Matthew 6:33 to speak to me when I choose to serve Him. When I chose to believe, as I seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all the things will be added onto me. With that, fear and condemnation left me.