What is impossible with man is possible with God

[ Testimony Sharing ]

Clarance(Father) & Carl(Son)


Good morning church, my name is Clarance from Cell Group EF4 and this is my son Carl.  I would like to share about God’s miraculous work upon my son recently.


Carl was born with a deformed right ear limiting his hearing ability. His hearing keeps on decreasing as he grows.  He only can hear sounds but can’t catch any word spoken.  He depended solely on his left ear.  When he was a toddler, we consulted an ENT specialist for advice.  The Indian doctor told us that in his belief Carl’s condition is considered a blessing to the family and advise us to leave it as it is.  Another option given was to go for plastic surgery which will costs a lot of money and only can be done when he grows older.


A couple of years ago, we consulted another ENT specialist hoping that something can be done.  After going through test after another, this is what the doctor says “this will be a major procedure.  We can’t guarantee the success.  Because of all the small tiny nerves around his ear, it may affect his brain”.  And again another doctor advised us to leave it as it is.  We were so disappointed and forced to accept that Carl’s condition will be permanent.


After all the disappointing advices, healing for Carl’s condition was no more in our prayer list.  We stopped believing that the extraordinary would come to pass especially to Carl.  Revive and Refresh meeting with Pastor Kong Hee has given us the opportunity to commit our son again to God and ask for healing.  My wife and I attended the first night meeting and both of us were very encouraged by the meeting.  We asked Carl to attend the second night meeting.Worried about the outcome, we did not force him but we gave him the idea that God can heal him if he is willing to respond.


On that night during the altar call my wife and I saw him came out from where he was seated and walked to the front.  We were so touched for his courage to respond to that call.  After the meeting we did not ask him anything because we were afraid the outcome will be disappointing.


The following day during dinner time, out of curiosity I asked him about the altar call.  To our surprise he told us that during one of his class in school that day he realised that he can hear every single word that was spoken through his deformed ear.  We were so amazed and keep on praising God since then.



Since young I was very shy of my condition.   In school, other kids would ask what happened to my ear and they would laughed at me.  I remember one incident when I was with my family in Centre Point for Christmas Shopping.  While waiting for my parents, a group of bigger boys made fun and laughed at me.  My younger brother, Lyndon chased after them and wanted to beat them up, I just stood there crying.  Many times my parents have to comfort me and they kept telling me that I am special.  Because of this, I only have a few friends and they were the good ones.


Glory Kids church has help me with my confidence. Since young I have problem with making friends due to my appearance.  I am very shy when it comes to talking to people.  So, I start joining Super J and slowly gain my confidence.   In Discovery Club, I was treated with respect and love.  My condition becomes my strength and I don’t really care how people look at my appearance because I am beautifully made by God.


At the end of the Revive Refresh meeting with Pastor Kong Hee in February this year, I remember Pastor Kong called those with hearing problems and other sicknesses to come forward.  I felt the call was for me because I heard a voice telling me to go to the front.  I walked to the front and surrender myself totally to God.  I felt the strong presence of God yet nothing happen to me immediately.  It was only the next day in school, during one of the classes, my ear opened and I could hear not just sound but words from my teacher and classmate. It was an indescribable moment of my life.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Glory Kids and Discovery Club for sowing courage and confidence into my life.   To be able to stand here and share my story is the fruits of your good work.  Church, if God’s miraculous works can be done in my life in this place called GCC, it can also be done in your life because our God is so good.  All glory to God.