God healed me

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]

[Sandy Chong]


Good Morning Church.  My name is Sandy Chong from Cell Group EA4.  This morning I would like to share how God healed me through my prayer.


In 2007, one fine morning God spoke to me in a still gentle voice calling me “Girl, go and see a doctor and have it checked.  Don’t do any house work, just go”.  This was how I ended in SMC for a mammogram.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I felt, “sure die lo like that”.  I was very down.  I consulted Dr. Peter and he was kind enough to call my cell leader to comfort me.  Ps. Susan took time to accompany me when I went to QE Hospital for the doctor’s consultation.  Thank you Ps. Susan for being there for me.


I had my surgery on 17th July 2007.  The journey to the Operating Theatre was a long one.  I kept praying and asking God to be with me; to guide the doctor to do a good job on me; all instruments to be sterilized so on and so on.  Finally I was brought to the door of the Operating Theatre.  I could hear an on-going operation and the sound of the instruments caused coldness in my spine.  The Operating Theatre was really cold.  I told God, “God I really don’t know what to pray because I am lost for words”.  I remember God told me “Ok lo, you sing to me la”.  So I sang.


The surgery took 6 hours.  The doctor prescribed painkiller to me.  When I was conscious, I heard the nurse asked me why I did not take it.  I told her that there is no pain to “kill”.


While I was in the hospital, friends introduced supplements to me to help with my recovery but I told them “God is my Healer” and the reply was, “Sandy I am so proud of you”.  A miracle took place at this time as well.  A sister blessed me with some money and the amount was exactly the amount that I needed; not 1 cent more and not a cent less.   This is just how fantastic God is.


I was discharged and at home I started doing all the necessary house work even though the doctor advised me not to handle heavy things.  Praise God I am still as good and well.


While I was waiting for my result in the month of August, it was our Prayer and Fasting month as well.  It was on a Wednesday that I told God, “2,000 years ago You raised the dead so what is this tiny cancer cell to You”.  I prayed and told Him that I do not want to go through the Chemo therapy and all those treatment a sick person need to go through.  Every day I would sing and prayed to God.


Three weeks after my surgery, I went for the Church Corporate Prayer Meeting.  Senior Pastor was leading and he said that tonight we will be worshipping the Lord only.  The song “Beautiful Saviour” was sang.  I sang and cried with all my heart to God for healing to take place.  Suddenly I felt a strong sensation, like the stopper being removed from a big basin of water gushing from my head right through my body (my operated area).  I knew I was healed.


The following week, as I was about to make my way for a Night Prayer Meeting, the doctor from QE Hospital called me.  He said my result looks good to him and the cancer cell is localized.  After the meeting, I told my cell member & Aunty Joan who was my Taska Principal, “you see, I am sure no need to go through Chemo and other treatment”.


I went to QE Hospital the next day and met the Oncologist.  After he had read through my result, he looked up and told me “ok, you don’t have to go for Chemo but need to take five years of medication”.  Praise the Lord, I am healed.  The Oncologist gave me 3 options and I chose to remove my uterus as there’s a high possibility of womb cancer if I take the medication.  So I told my Gynaecologist to remove my uterus.  Within 3 months I had 2 major surgeries.  Thank God I am still standing strong like never before.


Truly I am encouraged that I am able to attend Corporate Prayer Meeting or even any prayer meetings.  My heart felt I must not miss it because praying together is always stronger than praying alone.  I have not missed any Corporate Prayer Meeting unless I am out of town.


Church, don’t take Corporate Prayer Meeting lightly because when we come together, the power of the Holy Spirit will work more mightily.  Believe in what we pray and claim His promises.  God is our Healer.


All glory to God!