A mother’s prayer

[ Testimony Sharing ]

Chong Yan Lee

Good  Morning Church.  I am Chong Yan Lee from CC1. Foremost I would like to thank God for His grace that I am here to share my personal testimony, I am a housewife with 2 children and both of them grew up in this church.  They participated in Glory Kids and 412 Powered Youth.

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I knew deep within me that it was God who has kept me

[ Testimony Sharing 见证分享 ]

James Cham(Father) & Shirley Cham (Daughter)

Shirley Cham

Good morning Church. I am Shirley Cham from Cell Group EF1. I came to know GCC through a friend and have been here for slightly over 5 years. I was a Buddhist and was used to doing >things with my own strength and might.   All these changes when I came to know the Lord.

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