God gave us a miracle (baby)

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Ken & Rebecca

Ken Joseph & Rebecca

Good Morning Church.  I am Ken Joseph from CK7 and I am Rebecca Lim of CK8.  We were married on 18th September 2004 here in GCC.  Due to financial constraint, we plan to have children after two years of married life. 



Regardless of Chinese traditional medicine or Western medicine and many years of trying, I was not able to get pregnant.  With Ken’s agreement, we decided to consult a Specialist in 2013. After the examination by a Fertility Specialist and due to physiological factors, he advised us for Intrauterine Insemination twice but still I could not conceive.  In 2014, the Doctor suggested that we should continue with In-Vitro Fertilization.  At first, only one embryo  was implanted but it was unsuccessful.  On the second attempt, two embryos were implanted but still it was unsuccessful.  Each failure was a disappointment and sadness to us.

My husband shared with me the story of Abraham (father of faith), of how Abraham and Sarah conceived during their old age.  With that, we decided to seek the Lord in prayer.  At the same time, pastors, brothers and sisters were constantly praying for us.


Ken Joseph

In July 2015, we had the opportunity to participate in the 27th Asia Prayer Conference in Korea.  During this Conference, speakers would constantly share regarding prayer, hope and witnessing miracles.  This was the first time we experienced fasting for seven consecutive meals.  We prayed that miracles will happen in our lives.

During our time in Korea, our team also participated in their local cell group.  I, my wife and Elder Chang joined the Housewife Cell Group.  During the fellowship time, we found out that there are two mothers who conceived through prayers.  I took the opportunity to invite the cell leader and members to pray for Rebecca.

While we were back in KK for over a month and still no good news of conceiving, Rebecca, out of her impatience proposed that we adopt a baby.  I disagreed with her because our physical condition is not unhealthy.  I still believe that we can have natural pregnancy and I hold on to my faith.

During one Sunday Service, Pastor William shared the conceiving Bible story of Rachel and Leah.  The question of why God allowed Rachel not to conceive came to my thoughts.  “Was it because we did not want to conceive earlier on that made Rebecca unable to conceive?”  I shared with Ps. Fui Yun and she advised me to lead Rebecca in a prayer of repentance.  That night I held her hands and touched her belly and prayed for repentance, asking God to forgive us of our lack of faith.  To conceive required our faith and with our faith, God will create miracle to happen.

In September 2015, the Doctor confirmed to us that Rebecca has conceived naturally.  Miracles really happen in our life.  Finally, our baby is born on 26th June 2016.



All thanks to God for the miraculous pregnancy and process of birth.  Even though we experienced much discomfort and problems but with our faith in God, He gave us a miracle.  With that, we can strengthen and comfort our friends and relatives in their times of need.  God will not forsake us and He watches over those who seek Him.


Ken Joseph

We especially want to thank the pastors, brothers and sisters for their prayers, care and blessings.  May the grace of God be with you all.  All glory to God.