A mother’s prayer

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Chong Yan Lee

Good  Morning Church.  I am Chong Yan Lee from CC1. Foremost I would like to thank God for His grace that I am here to share my personal testimony, I am a housewife with 2 children and both of them grew up in this church.  They participated in Glory Kids and 412 Powered Youth.

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God gave us a miracle (baby)

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Ken & Rebecca

Ken Joseph & Rebecca

Good Morning Church.  I am Ken Joseph from CK7 and I am Rebecca Lim of CK8.  We were married on 18th September 2004 here in GCC.  Due to financial constraint, we plan to have children after two years of married life. 

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From transformation of heart to transformation of life

[ Testimony Sharing 见证分享 ]

Alex & Mildred


Good morning.  My name is Mildred and this is my husband Alex.We are from cell group EF2.  I have been a Christian all this while, actively attending church.  My husband Alex came to know the Lord in 2010.  He was never serious towards God then.  Going to church was just a responsibility to fulfill his duty in accompanying me.  In year 2011, he faced a tough time in his business and this affected our family badly.

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