God is my ray of light

[ Testimony Sharing ]

[Anna Lain]


Good evening everyone.  My name is Anna Lain.


In 2010, I joined a local company that deals with advertising materials as an Account Executive.  I have been in the accounting line for almost 20 years and enjoyed my work therefore tiredness never set in.  I did not complete my ACCA degree therefore unable to be a licensed Accountant.  However, deep down within me I was never satisfied because the Word of God in Matthew 5:16 reminded me to excel in the Marketplace, to be the salt and light in this world.  I would always pray to God for breakthrough in my work.

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God’s Amazing Grace

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]

[Florence Lee]


Good morning everyone.  I am Florence Lee from Cell CC1.  I heard of Jesus even before I got married.  Though I did not take Him seriously yet He never gave up on me.


In early 2011, I took my eldest son to Taska Glory which was introduced to me by a good friend.  Joan, the principal constantly encouraged me to bring my son to the Children Church.  As I needed to accompany my son in Children Church, I was unable to listen to the Sunday sermons.  Weekly, Joan would pass a copy of CD of the previous Sunday sermon to me and I would listen while driving.  For more than a year I would listen to the sermon in this way.  I was deeply touched by the Word of God.

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The Jesus my daughter believes in deeply attracted me

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]

[Chung Nyuk Fah]


Good morning everyone!  My name is Chung Nyuk Fah from the Senior Citizen Ministry.


When I was working in Tenom in year 1963, a friend brought me to church where I accepted Christ.  I was baptized half a year later.  Two years later, I came to KK for work, got married and thereafter have 6 children.  Because of the need to make money to support my family, I stop going to church. 

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