Seeing Changes in Them

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]

[Paul Chang & Wife]


Good morning, everyone! I am Paul Chong  from Cell CC2 and this is my wife Chloe.   This year is our 5th year with this church and everyone in our family has grown more spiritually for these past few years.


My wife and I applied what we have learnt from Sunday sermons and cell group meetings into our workplace and family.  With that I am able to facechallenges in my work with zeal.  I also use the Word of God to teach my children.


My 2 daughters are involved in 412 youth.  This has helped them greatly and they have changed tremendously. At the same time, they are also serving in Glory Kids and Senior Citizen Ministry.

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Growing Up in Glory Kids

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]

[Kenny & Carol]



Good morning Church.  I am Kenny Wong from Cell Group EC2.  This is my wife, Carol.  We have been married for 6 months.  I was brought to GCC by my cousin in year 2000.  That was also the first year I started joining the Glory Kids. The excitement and friends from GK kept me coming every Sunday. Eventually my parents and siblings moved to GCC a couple of years later.


I was asked to be a GK staff when I was in primary 6.  Started serving in GK was and still is a fun and challenging experience.  Throughout this ministry, I’m being trained to have self-discipline, patience and to be submissive to our leader.  

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God answered my prayer

[ Sunday Testimony Sharing ]



Pastors, brothers and sisters in Christ, joy and peace be with you.  I am Regina from Cell CC1.  This morning, I would like to share a testimony regarding an answered prayer.


My mother Madam Chin Kim Lan attends the Senior Citizen meetings regularly.  Sometime March this year, she fainted in the bathroom due to her weak condition.  We brought her to the hospital and the doctor told us that she had a heart attack.  Her blood pressure and heart beat kept on dropping.  Because it was an emergency and in order to sustain my mum’s heart, the doctor gave her an injection.

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